About Us


   Founded in 1989, we are a key developer of professional automatic test system. We are capable of using motor regeneration energy technology in developing computer systems that are precise, stable and energy-saving in the field of motor automatic testing.We are composed of excellent and diligent engineers with rich experience in fulfilling a variety of requirements from our clients. To maintain a reciprocal relationship with our clients, we also provide complete consultation in the system developing process, emphasizing our advantages on process simplification, cost-saving measures, efficiency and flexibility.


  To build a cooperative and sustainable group in facing the challenge of enterprise transformation and succession, we have been through a restructuring process in 2021, building a new enterprise system of professional management together with New Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd. We hope this new way of our enterprise management will bring us great vigor and solidate our constitution.Our goal is to seek the dynamic growth of our enterprise under the rigorous market competition and to establish a niche in the motor industry in Taiwan.